New ways of conviviality

Enjoying good company in a quality-oriented way? That’s what Land Gut Höhne was made for. We help you to create wonderful memories.

Function rooms

Our 12 function rooms are as varied as the reasons for a get-together. For two or for a crowd, by the fireplace or on the patio: The choice of room always depends on the occasion, arrangement and your imagination.

  • Natural ambience and ecological design
  • Every room has daylight and windows that open
  • Every room can be darkened using curtains
  • Every room has direct or indirect access to outdoor space
  • Three function rooms have their own patios
  • A sound system can be integrated into every function room

At the heart of things

Das gute alte Stübchen
Fee 300 euro/day
max. 8 Pers.
  • the origin of Land Gut Höhne
  • separate room in Gutshof restaurant
  • antique wood furniture

Attractive, small room in the Gutshof restaurant, with glass doors for dining with a small group of family or friends.

Bergisches Kaminzimmer
Fee 1000 euro/day
max. 60 Pers.
  • Own large patio with park view
  • Open fireplace
  • Separate bar, only via steps

Thanks to the bar vestibule, patio and fireplace, this room has many design options for unique moments of happiness.

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 25 Pers.
  • Delimited by brickwork arches
  • Near buffet and patios
  • Projector and screen optional

Brickwork arches separate the space off harmoniously from the Gutshof restaurant.

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 22 Pers.
  • At the Gutshof restaurant patio
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wood floor, half-timbered wall

Naturally beautiful ambience created by means of wood, glass, half-timbering, daylight and the central location.

Kleines Kaminzimmer
Fee 300 euro/day
max. 12 Pers.
  • Close to live-cooking buffet
  • Separated off by a glass/metal wall
  • Fireplace
  • Ceiling height 225 cm

Central, yet separate. Cosy comfort by the fire, for a stylish celebration close to the buffet.

Separate rooms for unique experiences

Fee 1300 euro/day
max. 60 Pers.
  • bar, lounge, tables and chairs
  • own patio, stove and fireplace
  • adjacent kitchen area

The ambience changes with the guests and is unique every time.

Fee 700 euro/day
max. 60 Pers.
  • for cocktails and snacks
  • bar, seating, dance floor
  • patio access

The rusty door swings open, past the Frog Prince, Nefertiti, Harley to an ambience of fun.

Fee 300 euro/day
max. 10 Pers.
  • wooden tables, stools, comfy armchairs
  • 20 m electronically-controlled skittles alley
  • Whiteboard

The ancient Germanic game of skittles still hasn’t lost its appeal.

Fee 700 euro/day
max. 22 Pers.